Tech Titans


SMaRT Education is excited to present a series of classes offering

the latest in animation technology. This series will be a fun introduction to computer animation,

sure to inspire your child to become a Tech Titan!


Stop motion animation has been used for close to 100 years, bringing some of our most loved stories to life - including 1933’s King Kong, 1964’s Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, the Gumby TV series of the 50’s, 60’s and 80’s, and of course, the LEGO Movie!

Zu3D stop-motion animation software has been developed to give users of all ages the freedom to create amazing animated films quickly and easily. Stop motion is limitless in the materials that can be used to make a project. Students will learn all about this fun digital media format and how they can make amazing projects to tell their stories!

Students will learn about the storyboarding process, and will create 2 projects over the 7-weeks -  one project using paper to build their scenes and characters and one project using LEGO Story Starter kits.


                      When: Mondays, 4:00 - 5:30 pm
                      Dates: February 13 -  April 3; **No class on Monday, February 20th (President's Day)
                      Who: Students in Grades 1 - 5

​                      Cost: $140, per 7-week session


OpenToonz is a powerful program that allows users to create 2D animated stories. Combining hand-drawing and digital animation, students will learn the essentials of storyboarding, and will have the opportunity to explore many different genres of animation.

Students will be encouraged to try different forms of animation and will create 3 projects over this 8-week class. Each project will allow students to tell their own stories, using different styles of animation for each. 

                      When: Wednesdays, 4:00 - 5:30 pm
                      Dates: February 15 - April 5
                      Who: Students in Grades 6 - 12

                      Cost: $160, per 8-week session

Where: SciTech Academy | 745 N. Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs (at the Palm Springs Air Museum)