Science Math and Robotic Technology Education (SMaRT Education), is a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Southern California. We are built on the forward-thinking investment approach that youth in our programs will be

the next inventors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.

Summer Camp FAQs ​& FYIs 

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Where exactly at the museum is SciTech Academy?

SciTech is located on the North end of the museum grounds but not inside the museum. Once you drive in off of Gene Autry, follow the signs that say "Berger Annex". From the north parking lot you will see a fenced off area with a sign that says "SMaRT Education".

How early should we arrive?

Please arrive at the time your class starts. Because of current guidelines, we cannot allow anyone to wait in the classroom.

Is there early drop off?

There is no early drop off for summer camps.

What time is pick up?

Pick up is at the time camp ends. Instructor will take students out to the covered patio at 3:20 to wait for family to pick them up.

Is there late pick up?

There is no late pick up for summer camps.

Is museum admission included in camp tuition?
No. The museum fees are separate from camp fees.

Will my child get to see inside or tour the museum?
No. The museum charges a small fee to visit that is not included in our camp fees.

Does my child have to bring their own snack?

Yes. All students must bring their own water bottles, snacks, and lunches.

Can campers buy a snack?

Yes (usually). There is a cafe inside the museum that sells snacks and drinks. Please note: SMaRT Education staff/volunteers cannot hold or be responsible for any money.

Do we have to sign up for the whole summer?

No. Camps are one week each. You can sign up for as many as you like.

We want to sign up for multiple camps. Will the activities be the same?

We often have kids who come back for multiple weeks. Each week offers an overall STEAM focus through various projects and activities though there is no specific them to the week.

The camp I want to sign up for is full. Will you add more spots/camps?

To comply with current guidelines and best practices, we will not be adding any additional spots to our summer camps, nor will we be adding any additional camps.

How do I get ahold of the instructor?

You can send an email to and office staff will forward it to the appropriate instructor. Voicemails can also be left at our office number 760-848-4822. And you can even send text messages to the office number!

Are cell phones and other electronics allowed?

If your child brings a cell phone or other electronic device, it must be stored in the cubies during class time. Please note: SMaRT Education staff/volunteers cannot be responsible for the items. 

Do you work with charter schools for homeschool students?

Yes! We currently work with Springs, Inspire, and Valiant charter schools. Don't see your charter school listed? Send us an email!

Have a question we didn't answer? Send us an email! 

***Please note- we are operating under limited office hours and very limited staff at this time. We will do our best to respond to emails and voicemails as soon as possible.

Updated July 1, 2020